About us

The aim of this website is to allow anyone who is suffering from a stammer or a stutter or who has concerns about anyone suffering with such a condition to be able to find a range of articles and information that will help them get a much better understanding of this now recognised medical condition.

Whilst in most cases a stutter or stammer will be recognised from a very early age, there have been many adults who can suddenly start to stammer or stutter having never suffered from this condition before.

There are however several different treatments that anyone who does suffering from this condition is going to be able to avail themselves of and with that in mind we would invite you to have a good look round this website as we have listed several organisations and places including websites that you can check out and seek additional help and advice from.

It is worth noting that if you do know someone with a stammer or stutter then it can be a soul destroying condition to suffer from and many people who do have this condition as an adult may become reclusive or withdrawn and will tend not to put themselves in any situations where they have to talk at all.

With that in mind please do offer those people your support and give them the time to speak to you talking into account their condition. It is usually the social setting and the situation that a person may find themselves in that will cause them to stutter and stammer much more than they usually do.

So by keeping anyone suffering from this condition calm and collected whilst offering them your support and understanding it can go a long way to helping that person recover their lost confidence.

Your first port of call if you do know someone you care for or if you are suffering from a stammer or stutter is your own GP, as your family doctor will know your medical history and possibly your family history and that doctor will be able to refer you for addition help in overcoming that condition.

Many people ask whether there are any pills or medications that can help overcome a stammer or stutter, well a one to one meeting and then a series on ongoing meetings with a Speech and Language Therapist is what is called for instead of drugs and medications, and over time the results of those meetings will often go a long way in getting rid of or at the very least controlling the number of stuttering and stammering episodes someone can have.

Please do have a good look round our website for we have put together as much information as we possibly can to help you get a much clearer understanding of this condition. Plus, we are continually updating this website with more news stories and articles so please do keep on checking back as there will always be something new for you to read when you do so.

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